NIRI 2012 Annual Conference images: round one > our Kindle winners

Congratulations to the management of the National Investor Relation Institute for an extremely well planned and executed conference. The decision to move the event from its traditional “resort hotel” locale into an urban convention center was an inspired change. (…although I am already looking forward to the Ft. Lauderdale sun in 2013)

PR Newswire, with support from our freshly minted partnership with StockTwits gave away fifteen Kindles. Cheers to our winners and thanks to the other umpteen hundreds folks that stopped by our booth to see if they won and talk about re-balancing their IR spend.

Yoshi Kyokawa ~ Shionogi Inc. and Adam Starling  ~  NW Natural with Liam Power, SVP, PR Newswire

Elise Billings  ~  Infinity Property and Casualty with John Viglotti, VP, PR Newswire.

 Andrew Meranus, VP, PR Newswire with Kevin Mead ~ Regal Entertainment Group

Janette Maple  ~  EQT Corp with Liam Power, SVP, PR Newswire. (Janette is very lucky. also winning a large TV from our partner Ipreo)

Bradley Scott – SNL IR Solutions. (Bradley is very unlucky as, well, he had to pose with me, left.)

We did not have the opportunity to photograph our final nine winners – they were awarded during the final prize melee at the closing reception.

  • Valerie Finberg  ~ Level(3)
  • Mike Houston ~ Lambert, Edwards & Associates
  • Tara Atwood  ~  Time Warner Cable
  • Patrick Kiss  ~  irClub
  • Sue Ellen Nutt-McMullan  ~ ENSCO
  • Sturat McElhinney ~ Douglas Emmett
  • Patricia Gil ~ Oil States
  • Alisa Perkins ~ SemGroup
  • Kim Walsh ~ Edwards Lifesciences

I’ll post more photographs from the conference soon.

Have a great day.

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    A large contingent from PR Newswire are at the NIRI conference this week. Hosted by the National Investor Relations Institute, the NIRI confab brings investor relations pros together for an intense few days of learning and networking. Here are some highlights.

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