Relax. You can amplify with social media until you’re ready to engage with social media.

Next week at the NIRI Annual Conference ( June 3-6, Seattle ), we’ll be having one-on-one strategic discussions with clients and prospects around our 2012 mission of helping companies re-balance their investor relations… aligning their IR “tactical” spending with the core strategy of acquiring new investors and consistently engaging current shareholders.

Part of that re-balance is furthering our position on social media. Our new partnership with StockTwits that we announced today is one aspect of that – identifying a viable audience of retail and self-directed investors, monitoring and listening to them and… when the time is right… engaging them.

Regardless if you’re ready to truly engage, our Capital Markets Visibility 365 will help you amplify your messaging to a VERY targeted group of real-time financial ears. You’ll have the power of social media working automatically for you.

Quoting the founder and CEO of StockTwits (and renowned stock market pundit) Howard Lindzon on social media and investor relations:

“The shift WILL happen and it’s my job to make sure we are all here standing and working and benefiting the most when it does. Today, PR Newswire is making things better for our community and for public companies to share real time financial results/filings and corporate communications.”

Have a great day.

3 responses to “Relax. You can amplify with social media until you’re ready to engage with social media.

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