Public companies present at for 1.) content creation and 2.) meet investors

Today’s news release truly is a reason for us to celebrate with BetterInvesting at the NIRI Annual Conference (June 3-6, Seattle). Hosting 20 live investor days… one each month… is quite an undertaking. Kudos to our webcasting and event production team.

Why has been successful? Simply, for the two reason stated in the headline.

1.)  Content creation: is a live event – and that is a very key aspect. The real-time Q&A between the presenting CEOs and the virtual investor audience can be very active, often more than I have heard on earnings calls.

But beyond “show day,” post-live event, the presentation is online for 90 days – which is generating three to four time MORE traffic. The internet (and investors) thrives on content. Generally speaking, IR is not a “content creation” role like PR or marketing, so ANY opportunity you can to make new, valuable content is a good idea.

2.) Meet investors: this goes without saying. It is Job #1 for all our clients. It is why we built

It’s also the conversation we’re having with clients at NIRI Annual Conference.  Re-balancing IR to make sure the spend consistently aligns with that #1 goal.  

Have a great day.

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