Here’s one way to show your love for Seattle, coffee and the NIRI Annual Conference!

Everyone at PR Newswire and Vintage Filings is excited for the NIRI Annual Conference. I’ve seen the attendee list and there are a lot of practitioners (clients and prospects) coming to Seattle. I am assuming Seattle is the only city that has the copious amount of coffee needed by IR!

The NIRI Conferences has really taken a leap forward in scale this year – we’re actually meeting in a large conference center, as fewer and fewer hotels can fit us. Clearly, there’s a lot of folks corporate IR professionals and service providers that love this industry as much as I do.

And speaking of loooOOOoove… stop by our booth. We’ve got a new way for you to show your love for IR!  IMPORTANT: Be sure to look in your show bag for your “love button” to be issued your mug – and win one of fifteen Kindles.

Lastly, there’s something else in our booth you are going to love: the new services and updates we made to our shareholder communications and compliance products.

At the end of the day, that’s why we’re all going to Seattle – to help the IR industry be smarter and more transparent. We have new ideas that will help re-balance IR… directions and actions that will guide clients to align the budget with their communications strategy.

Have a great day.

5 responses to “Here’s one way to show your love for Seattle, coffee and the NIRI Annual Conference!

  1. great as always brad. i have all your other mugs

  2. I like. Stickers would be great!
    By the way: How many attendees are on the list for the NIRI conference?

  3. Hi Patrick ! I have buttons for the show. I spoke with NIRI yesterday – they show is equal if not MORE than previous years – very cool. I don’t want to state numbers here as that is their “marketing.”

    I look forward to meeting you in person not just #irchat – wise.
    ~ Bradley

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