So, are financial institutions and other bright people (not me) actually using your XBRL filings?

It’s agreed. For public companies, the transition to XBRL has been an emotional and expensive* road. Additionally, it feels like we’ve been talking about it for years; in fact I hosted my first XBRL webcast back in 2003. It’s 2012 and XBRL is a reality and a regulation.

This leads us to the question is anyone on Wall Street and the business analytics side of the data flow using XBRL? The short answer is “yes.”

The long answer is let your XBRL Geek Flag fly and watch this video of yesterday’s XBRL and Financial Analysis Technology Conference presented by XBRL.US and The NYSSA – New York Society of Security Analysts. 



Keynotes and presenters

  • John Rogers, CFA, President and CEO, CFA Institute – Keynote
  • Mike Starr, SEC Deputy Chief Accountant for Policy Support and Market Monitoring – Keynote
  • Corporate Reporting Panel: Terri Polley, Financial Accounting Foundation; Suzanne Harnett, Pfizer
  • Alternative Research Data and XBRL Panel: Sara Noble, Blue Matrix; Michael Mayhew, Integrity Research Associates; Christine Tan, Prime Aim
  • Analytical Tools Demonstration: Eric Linder, SavaNet; Elias-John Kies, Edgar-Online; Campbell Pryde, XBRL US
  • XBRL Challenge – Open Source Analytical Tools Using XBRL Data: Al Berkeley, Security First, Eric Gillespie, Viano Capital; Marc Donner, Google; Paul Ratnaraj, Wharton Research Data Services; Philip Moyer, Safeguard Scientific

Some XBRL agents are more cost effective than others Hint hint.

Have a great day.

One response to “So, are financial institutions and other bright people (not me) actually using your XBRL filings?

  1. Nice to see you back in the blog business, Bradley. Take care.

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