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Vintage Upgrades fleXBRL Program: Streamlines Corporate Reporting, Promotes Investor Adoption of SEC Filings

Two new enhancements focus on industry-wide drive for XBRL data quality  

NEW YORK, August 5 / PR Newswire / — Vintage, the capital markets and corporate solutions division of PR Newswire, today announced they have upgraded their XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) program, fleXBRL, with two new features, further demonstrating Vintage’s position as the industry’s intelligent value.


XBRL Online Review (XOR): XOR is a secure XBRL review portal that enables all reviewers of an SEC reporting company’s XBRL filing process to collaboratively review and comment on XBRL tagging selections before final submission to the SEC.

Built with an intuitive online interface, XOR delivers a complete set of user-friendly features that allow XBRL reviewers to navigate and communicate effortlessly through XBRL instance documents, streamlining the workflow for finance, counsel, C-suite, auditors and Vintage to thoroughly review the XBRL documents together, including:

  • XBRL calculations checking within the XOR viewer uses icons to clearly highlight extension tags, negated elements, calculation errors and more
  • Threaded commenting allows members of the internal financial reporting team, as well as permissioned outside auditors, to add comments to XBRL documents for quality assurance, verification of instance documents and the approval – or disapproval – of bookmark tags and facts
  • Comprehensive reporting of calculations, extensions, negations and units with an XBRL filing as well as comparing differences between two XBRL versions
  • Taxonomy searching provides simple navigation, filtering and reviewing options.

XOR will be especially useful to Vintage fleXBRL Core clients who are not currently working in Vintage’s comprehensive XBRL SaaS platform.

Online Interactive Analyst Center (IAC): Vintage has partnered with Virtua Research to allow fleXBRL clients to publish their financial fundamental information onto their investor relations website with data directly from their own official SEC XBRL files. This eliminates the concerns issuers have long held regarding the inaccuracies of manually collected third-party financial fundamental data and delivering that unvetted data to investors.

For investors and analysts, the Interactive Analyst Center makes company financial data – balance sheet, income statement and cash flow data – more readily accessible and easier to understand online.

“The issue of XBRL quality created an ROI ‘chicken & egg’ scenario in the capital markets,” said Liam Power, President of Vintage.

“Many corporate issuers have expressed concerns regarding their experience with XBRL because neither investors – nor the SEC itself – were using the data. Meanwhile, investors have equally expressed their concerns as the XBRL data was inconsistent across the market. Today’s announcement drives both quality and adoption. This is especially important in light of the SEC’s recent disclosure that they are taking a much more aggressive tone towards enforcing XBRL data quality,” continued Power.

“The common goal for everyone involved is uniform, usable data that connects issuer and investor.”

Both XOR and IAC are available to all Vintage XBRL clients at no additional cost and are included in all new compliance packages. For detailed information:


About Vintage

Vintage, a PR Newswire division, is a top-three provider of full-service regulatory compliance and shareholder communications services, delivered across our three practice areas: Capital Markets, Corporate Services and Institutional & Fund Services.

Founded in 2002 and acquired by PR Newswire in 2007, Vintage has evolved to become the industry’s intelligent value choice. We deliver a flexible balance of people, facilities and technology to ensure that regulatory compliance and shareholder communications processes are efficient, transparent and painless. Services include IPO registrations, transactions, virtual data rooms, EDGAR & XBRL filing, typesetting, financial printing and investor relations websites.

About PR Newswire

PR Newswire ( is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms that enable marketers, corporate communicators, sustainability officers, public affairs and investor relations officers to leverage content to engage with all their key audiences. Having pioneered the commercial news distribution industry 60 years ago, PR Newswire today provides end-to-end solutions to produce, optimize and target content — from rich media to online video to multimedia — and then distribute content and measure results across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combining the world’s largest multi-channel, multi-cultural content distribution and optimization network with comprehensive workflow tools and platforms, PR Newswire enables the world’s enterprises to engage opportunity everywhere it exists. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, and is a UBM plc company.

Media Contact:

Bradley H. Smith
Director of Marketing, IR and Compliance Services
PR Newswire & Vintage
+1 201.942.7157

How Vintage became the intelligent value for public companies

The feedback we received from clients, partners and other stakeholders regarding the relaunch of Vintage was affirming. We have become the industry’s intelligent value. Depending on whom you ask here, we’re either the Honda of XBRL, the Target Store of IR services or the Jetblue / Southwest of IPO transactions.

What is intelligent value? For a Vintage client, it’s the flexibility to receive a superior service at the appropriate scale to their business goal. And what is that appropriate scale?  That’s for a client to decide, but generally it is the Venn middle of cost-effective and intrinsic-importance.



Case examples:

An OTC Markets-listed company is a SEC reporting organization. They are doing all they can to be transparent while finding new investors. Unfortunately, the fee quoted for XBRL from an old-school financial printer seems “aggressive” and will drain an inordinate percentage of budget for the size of the issuer – reducing their overall budget for shareholder communications. Wisely, above cost, the issuer is equally concerned about quality and don’t want to switch to an “XBRL garage band” vendor nor a new, untried firm. Our fleXBRL Core solution delivers their intelligent value.

BONUS: They also find additional intelligent value by negotiating a bundle that includes shareholder communications (news distribution and their IR website)  with the XBRL.

A NASDAQ-listed mid-cap is going to issue more shares. They need to draft and file a new S-1 registration with the SEC, but as they have been public for quite a while, the registration is not as “passionate” as their IPO. It’s just paperwork. The S-1 working group is very small and don’t require to meet face-to-face. They don’t need the indulgence of a mahogany conference room. They do need accurate typesetting. A 100% Virtual Transaction delivers intelligent value.

BONUS: Fortunately for them, they are an existing PR Newswire client, which gives them a buying power boost.

Each day, more examples are being created. The bottomline for all these clients (and prospects) is be creative and precise with what you require to receive as intelligent value. Address your business goals. Don’t buy more than you need, but certainly don’t settle for less.

Are we the Kleenex of EDGAR? I can’t answer that really, but we are the #3 largest filer.

Have a great day.

Vintage’s New XBRL Online Review (XOR) portal addresses SEC’s “Dear CFO” letter

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosed that they have begun sending formal alerts to issuers regarding the inclusion of accurate calculation relationships in their filing. This is an important – and visible – step towards quality enforcement.

XOR_XBRL_online_clipart250To help mitigate clients’ risk while improving their XBRL filing workflow experience, we are transitioning  - free of charge - our XBRL reviewing process into the new XBRL Online Review (XOR) portal.


An important point to note is that XOR brings online review and collaborative commenting to our fleXBRL Core clients. (Click here to match up your XBRL workflow)  Our fleXBRL Command and Control (both SaaS portal-based) clients’ workflow is currently review, comment and self-edit.


Without XOR: When your XBRL is viewed with the SEC’s viewer, or on a standard spreadsheet review, calculations are not visible.

With XOR: All calculations that have been made within an XBRL file are easily visible for review. You will see not only where calculations have been made, but what the components of those calculations are and whether the calculations foot properly.

XOR has been in trial with a select set of clients for one quarter. Thanks to their input and success, we are now able bring all Vintage fleXBRL clients into this easy-to use portal. Please click here to read an overview.

Including XOR at no additional cost is another demonstration why Vintage continues to be the industry’s intelligent value for capital markets and corporate services.

Another quality issue the SEC is now proactively flagging is the the practice of using custom taxonomies rather than an established taxonomies. True, the X in XBRL stands for extensible, however if there is an established, appropriate taxonomy, it’s key to use it. Remember, the only way you will get ROI from your XBRL efforts is to make the data usable (comparable) for investors. Using the “common ground” tags is the only way that will happen.

Your Vintage XBRL specialist can help you with this important action.  That’s even more intelligent value. 

Have a great day.

Should auld (GAAP) taxonomies be forgot, and never brought to file…

It’s a new year for XBRL filers! As of now, all corporate issuers should be on either the US GAAP 2014 or 2013 taxonomies. The 2012 taxonomies are retired – the SEC’s two-year acceptance window has officially expired. Certainly, all Vintage clients are already up-to-date.


The new GAAP taxonomies affect the following SEC corporate form types:

Filing Program Att. Type EDGAR Forms
Interactive Data EX-101 10-K, 10-K/A,10-KT, 10-KT/A,10-Q, 10-Q/A, 10-QT, 10-12B, 10-QT/A, 10-12B/A, 10-12G, 10-12G/A, 8-K, 8-K/A, 8-K12B, 8-K12B/A, 8-K12G3, 8-K12G3/A, 8-K15D5, 8-K15D5/A, 20-F, 20-F/A, 20FR12B, 20FR12B/A, 20FR12G, 20FR12G/A, 40-F, 40-F/A, 40FR12B, 40FR12B/A, 40FR12G, 40FR12G/A, 6-K,6-K/A, SP 15D2 ,SP 15D2/A, S-1,S-1/A, S-1MEF, S-3, S-3/A,S-3ASR, S-3D, S-3DPOS, S-3MEF, S-4, S-4/A, S-4EF, S-4MEF, S-4 POS, S-11, S-11/A, S-11MEF, POS AM, POS EX, POSASR, F-1, F-1/A, F-1MEF, F-3,F-3/A, F-3ASR,F-3D, F-3DPOS,F-3MEF, F-4,F-4/A, F-4EF, F-4MEF, F-4 POS,F-10, F-10/A, F-10EF, F-10POS

If you are having ANY difficulties with your taxonomies, PLEASE reach out to us. This is especially important for corporate issuers who feel they have been left at the XBRL Support Alter i.e. “DIY” SaaS XBRL portals that charge extra for support. Download the SaaS portal checklist here. 

We don’t charge extra. It’s part of delivering intelligent value.

Have a great day.

Vintage’s Evan Scharf Joins XBRL Dignitaries at White House Briefing

Last week, members of the Data Transparency Coalition had the honor of meeting (in the White House!) with the US Chief Technology Officer, Todd Park, to share their knowledge about XBRL and its upcoming role in the DATA Act.

Evan Scharf, Vice President of XBRL Services (far left) visits the West Wing with The Data Transparency Coalition members.

Evan Scharf, Vice President of XBRL Services (far left) visits the West Wing
with The Data Transparency Coalition members.

The DATA Act is the nation’s first legislative regulation for data transparency, mandating the uniform “tagging” of federal spending thus requiring the Department of the Treasury and the White House Office of Management and Budget to transform spending from disconnected documents into open, standardized data and to publish that data online.

Sound familiar? ( The answer is yes, it’s XBRL)

The group of XBRL industry leaders were invited to roundtable their expertise and insights on the implementation of accounting standards. Those of us working the corporate side of XBRL are keenly aware that success depends on focusing on what matters: the push for XBRL qualityCertainly, the DATA Act cements the overall (and continuing) economic drive for accounting standards and transparency.

At the meeting, key milestones were discussed to develop a blueprint that will establish common definitions of data elements that support reporting by governmental agencies plus provide foundation for the data’s taxonomy:

  • Establish Data Standards (data exchange) Team
  • Kick‐off planning meeting w/ contractor (detailed project plan, scope, and methodology)
  • Identify up to three pilot agencies (intelligent data)
  • Conduct pilot w/ Fiscal Service bureau‐level data to demonstrate data linkages & visualizations
  • Classify data elements and identify master data elements
  • Develop and map United States Standard General Ledger(USSGL) taxonomy and financial reporting taxonomy using XBRL
  • Consult with Industry
  • Develop reporting templates including business rules and validation templates
  • Complete agency pilots
  • Document and present the prototype pilot
  • Issue data exchange standards
  • Issue on standards (definitions) on Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) data elements
  • Establish concept of operations for data standards governance framework
  • Develop detailed agency roll‐out plan

Many thanks to The Data Transparency Coalition for Vintage’s presence in this important bipartisan path.

Have a great day.

Adaptive Insights partners with Vintage Filings to bring cloud agility to XBRL reporting

New OfficeConnect Reporting Product and Partnership Help Companies Automate Financial and Management Reporting and Cut Complexity versus Legacy CPM Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO – May 20, 2014 – – Adaptive Insights, the worldwide leader in cloud business analytics solutions for companies and nonprofits of all sizes, today announced at its Adaptive Live 2014 user conference new products and partnerships that reinvigorate reporting processes from financial and board reporting to disclosure management. By combining reporting power traditionally only available to the world’s largest enterprises with the incredible ease of use and delivery of Adaptive’s cloud, organizations can transform their reporting processes with unprecedented speed, efficiency and flexibility.

adaptive_insights_logoAdaptive OfficeConnect, part of the Adaptive Suite, is a robust new reporting product that injects new power into Excel, Word, and PowerPoint with dynamic, always up-to-date data from the Adaptive cloud — accelerating reporting cycles and eliminating cost and risk.

Additionally, a new partnership with regulatory compliance leader Vintage Filings, a division of PR Newswire, provides complete disclosure management – from XBRL tagging and filing, to EDGAR HTML submissions – enables the world’s largest public enterprises to close with Adaptive and disclose with one of the world’s most trusted financial printers.

Traditional reporting processes are often mired with extremely high costs, risk of error, and time-intensive tasks. Organizations with one billion in revenue can spend more than half a million dollars in reporting (Source: APQC) and allocate ten or more full-time employees for financial reporting alone (Source: Aberdeen Research). Organizations looking to drive enterprise-class reporting processes have often been required to spend millions on costly, inflexible and hard to maintain legacy CPM solutions. For public companies needing to submit their financial reports to regulatory agencies, the process can be tedious, taking days to aggregate multiple spreadsheets from across the business, manually tag and update values across all filing documents, and validate that data is from the same version of the truth.

Adaptive OfficeConnect brings the power and efficiency of the Adaptive cloud to Microsoft Office, saving organizations time and money by transforming static Excel, PowerPoint, and Word reports into live, dynamic and connected reports in minutes. Organizations now get the best of both worlds – enterprise-class financial and board reporting, with data sourced from Adaptive’s easy to deploy and use cloud CPM suite.

“Adaptive OfficeConnect is a game-changer. We can transform all of our existing Excel reports and connect them to Adaptive, combining the distinctive power of Adaptive and Excel,” said Paulo Castro, Manager of Accounting, Embraer Defense and Security, Inc.

Adaptive’s new partnership with industry leading printer Vintage Filings empowers organizations to leverage Adaptive OfficeConnect reports throughout the disclosure process and beyond the walls of the enterprise.

Liam Power, President of Vintage Filings, commented,

“We are excited to be partnering with the #1 cloud CPM and BI suite to provide complete disclosure management. Thousands of public companies trust us with their regulatory submissions, and we look forward to bringing our deep expertise to Adaptive’s customers to streamline their filing processes.”

Now the Adaptive cloud can extend throughout the complete financial reporting lifecyle for the world’s largest public companies with Vintage’s superior service.

Highlights include:

  • Beautiful Reports Built On-the-Fly: Adaptive OfficeConnect easily and quickly creates presentation-quality reports based on up-to-date data from Adaptive’s cloud CPM, creating engaging board books, financial reports, management reports and more. Adaptive OfficeConnect embraces the complete control of Microsoft Office formatting, calculations and charting, eliminating the ongoing costly and complex maintenance with live, accurate data.
  • One-Click Intelligent and Dynamic Reports: Only Adaptive OfficeConnect enables business users to transform their existing static Excel reports into live, connected dynamic Excel reports, in just minutes. Adaptive OfficeConnect’s intelligent linking ensures that data is accurate and always up-to-date, eliminating errors and time traditionally spent copying, pasting and reformatting. Reports are refreshed with a simple click—delivering yet another boost in productivity.
  • Comprehensive Support for Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint: Adaptive OfficeConnect seamlessly weaves report information into Excel, Word and PowerPoint for board books and executive presentations. Infused with the same dynamic connection to data in Adaptive Planning and Consolidation, updates are seamlessly incorporated throughout all documents with a simple refresh.
  • Unified Close to Disclose Reporting: Adaptive OfficeConnect extends dynamic and connected reporting beyond the enterprise, enabling organizations to file their public financials in Microsoft Word with simplicity and ease, all with full support from industry filing and printing organizations.

Adaptive OfficeConnect builds on Adaptive Suite’s leading cloud CPM solution that is powerful, yet incredibly easy to deploy and run. “Increasingly, enterprises are on the march from expensive legacy CPM solutions, and are looking to transform the speed and flexibility of their aging planning processes with the agility of the cloud. With OfficeConnect, it’s easier than ever for them to make the move, and migrate their existing reports and processes to Adaptive,” said Connie DeWitt, Vice President of Product Management at Adaptive Insights. “These new innovations enable enterprises to accelerate their reporting processes by 70 percent, while tapping the Adaptive cloud to slash costs by 95+ percent versus traditional solutions. Enterprises can realize time and money savings to accelerate growth and drive success.”

Adaptive’s powerful global partner ecosystem is equally excited about Adaptive OfficeConnect.

“Adaptive makes an ideal partner because the company is so in tune with customer and partner needs and delivers innovations based upon them,” said Brian Storrs, founder and president, IntuitiveTek. “Each new feature and product added to the Adaptive Suite enables us to meet the most demanding enterprise needs, and enables us to take legacy and unmanaged spreadsheet-driven processes to the cloud with ease.”

A bridge not far enough: XBRL SaaS without sufficient training



Moving your XBRL workflow into a SaaS portal process is a viable path for many companies, but there are operational risks to “do-it-yourself.”

1.) Inadequate or lack of deep Bootcamp-style training

2.) Inflexible on-demand “hand-holding” support

3.) Inexperienced front-line staff expertise

Switching to XBRL SaaS: deep training is essential. Before you switch, download the Crossfire comparison checklist HERE.

To help you understand mitigation of these risks – we invite you (here) to a brief walk-through of Crossfire. As you may know, Crossfire is the underlying SaaS built by Rivet.

Vintage Filings is the #1 reseller of this popular XBRL portal – and the sure path to an operational XBRL success through proper training. Is a portal the smartest path for you? Tell us your workflow and we can help you decide.

Have a great day.