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A stunning example of treating retail investors with transparency and respect

It’s time to stop calling retail investors “Mom & Pop” and give them the respect that is due. The web (and RegFD) has done a superb job of democratizing investment research – allowing the retail (Individual) investors to be as important as Institutional investors… if equities will allow them to be important.

Organovo Holdings understands this – and their dedication and practical perspective towards Main Street has undoubtedly driven their company and shareholder value up… including a listing migration from the OTC Markets onto the NYSE.

The executive team at Organovo is also transparent and fearless. This image below is from the open Q&A chat that immediately followed Organovo’s September 11 online roadshow presentation. 100% open chat. 100% unfiltered. Hard questions from smart investors. Transparency at it most tangible.


Click image to enlarge. Look how many question they answered PLUS another 50 during the slide presentation!

I understand that “retail investors” are not everyone’s cup of tea, often touting IR bandwidth as a reason. That’s basically true, however a well-planned IR website (with the right content)  combined with  consistent, sincere outreach (i.e. Aflac presents once a quarter with us) and the extra effort  may be imperceptible yet the reward meaningful.

Lastly, please note how the CEO at Organova closes the chat out. “Sign up for email alerts at”  So smart.

Have a great day.

Eight tips for presenting at virtual investor conferences

Although the content (your story) is the same, presenting an online roadshow is NOT the same as presenting in front of a physical audience.

With over 40 virtual investor events on the board and participation in hundreds of hours of individual presentations by equities at, a few points rise to the surface that may guide your success. To be exact, virtual presentations are live, audio and slide webcasts with “presenter controlled” slide advancement. Online audience members can type and submit questions.

8.) Get a PROFESSIONAL photographer to make a head shot of the presenting executives. All virtual investor conferences (not just ours) request a speaker photo. Don’t use a cropped snapshot. Don’t use an iPhone and “go stand next to that wall.”

Spend the short money. Go to Sears. Go to JC Penny’s. You must do this.

Be cognizant that this is the only image of your presenter the audience will have. Ask yourself, “is that the face of trust?” The face people will give their money to?

7.) Unless your speakerphone is very, very expensive (or you do not have opposable thumbs) pick up and use the phone’s handset. Objectively, it ALWAYS assures the sound quality. Subjectively, the presenter can relax and just “talk normal” and your INVESTORS. DO. NOT. HAVE. TO. LISTEN. TO. THAT. ANNOYING. SPEAKERPHONE. SHOUTING. TONE.

6.) The competition is not a peer in your sector; it’s that cute cat video on YouTube. Get to the point quickly with a concise, 15 minute presentation. At a physical event, companies have the luxury of trapping investors in a room… not so with a virtual event.

Also, use plain English.


Insight comes from mega to micro-cap presenting companies at

5.) Simplify your slides’ visuals. All webcast platforms shrink your slides down – plus we now have the scale of mobile tablets to think about. Nothing smaller than 24pt font size. Detailed photos, like aerials maps, will be illegible. Crop in to the key point you want to make. No snazzy slide transitions.

4.) Speak sloooooooowly. Although you are on the phone, try to keep the pace of a live presentation. We all tend to talk fast on the phone.

3.) For retail investors, deliver the most important message first. “Yes, we offer dividends.” Asking about dividends is the #1 question asked at

2.) You may need to seed the Q&A with a couple of your own questions. Live or online, getting over that first question hump is important. Don’t, however, throw a softball – use a real question from your recent earnings call. The goal is not to “fool anyone,” just to get the dialog going.


1.) Rehearse the presentation on your company’s WebEx type account to non-technical and non-financial people. This will amplify the pros and cons from the points above.

Have a great day.

Context helps online engagement flourish (example:

Following up on last month’s post placing “IR engagement” in an uncomfortable juxtaposition with social media (read here), we have an example of engagement in a positive light. What’s key to note is that the technology used is, well… pretty darn social. The difference is the engagement’s context sets an appropriate expectation for dialogue.

On April 3, we held our 37th event at These events are virtual investor presentations– CEOs and other executives webcasting to hundreds of current and potential investors. These conferences are not one-way CEO monologues. They are open dialogues. In fact, our presenting companies tell us again and again that the two-way engagement is the favorite aspect.

Two opportunities to engage:

1.) During the live, formal (slide) presentation, individual and institutional investors – at par - text in questions, live in real-time.  As you’ll read below, these are not softballs.


The CEO worked his way through the whole list. Details fuzzed for privacy. Click to enlarge the image.

2.) Post presentation, everyone is automatically transferred into the presenting company’s “virtual trade booth” where the Q&A session continues in a social media chat mode. 100% open and un-squelched. That’s about as social as you can get. Kudos to our transparent and “social” CEOs.

This is the live chat dialogue - still open to read in the company's booth... no need to fuzz here!

This is the live chat dialogue – still open to read in the company’s booth… no need to fuzz here! Click the image to read. 

Why is this mode of social media engagement successful for the issuer and investor alike?  It’s the context of the event itself:

  • The CEOs and senior teams have set aside the time expressly to have a dialogue with investors. As we know (read here), bandwidth is a concern of IR in regards to “ad hoc” social media. The investors (audience members) know their question will be seen and answered.
  • The booth discussion is generally in context to the preceding presentation. That focuses everyone to stay on point. No slip-of-the-selective-disclosure tongue.
  • It’s a committed audience. An audience member must take the brief effort to log-in to attend the event. From a Marketing POV, that action qualifies the person which generally affirms their engagement and interest. The issuers get hard, educated questions.

Proudly, last week’s event was one of our best – all focused on MLPs. The audience was a blend of retail and professional investors from:

Alhambra Investment Partners, LLC  |  Alliance Financial Group, Inc.  |  Allstate Financial  |  Antonio Financial Group  |  ARK Investment Management  |  AXA Advisors  |  Axiom Capital  |  Berkshire Capital  |  Bryan Advisory Services LLC  |  Commerce Family Office  |  Credit Capital Investments, LLC  |  Cypress Wealth Management, LLC  |  Deutsche Bank  |  Emerald Bay Wealth Management  |  Fidelity Investments  |  First Dallas Securities  |  Georgina Asset Management  |  Gratia Capital  |  Great Valley Capital Advisors  |  Infrastructure Capital Management, LLC  |  Jones-Richards Capital, LLC  |  Merrill Lynch  |  Millennium Capital   |  Montage Investments  |  Mutual of Omaha Investor Services  |  Needham & Company  |  Oppenheimer & Co.  |  PHS Investment Capital  |  Rosenthal Advisors  |  Schneider Investments  |  Sofia Capital Management  |  Steiner & Ellis, PLLC  |  Tamarin Financial  |  Tandem Wealth Management  |  The Public Register  |  Tiger Veda Management LLC  |  United Capital Financial Advisers  |  Wallach Planning & Investments  |  Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC  |  Woodberry Capital  |  SilverArc Capital  |  SMB Financial Services  |  Vestra Financial  |  Waterfront Capital, Inc.

Engagement is essential to investor relations:  set and meet expectations for dialogue in any media.

Have a great day.


Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) Companies to Webcast Live, April 3rd at Investor Conference

Main Street and Wall Street investors to attend at

New York, NY, March 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —, working with PR Newswire and other organizations, today announced the agenda of the upcoming, the monthly online investor conference series. Individual investors, institutional investors and analysts are invited.


CLICK THE IMAGE to pre-register and save time: There is no fee for anyone to log-in, attend the live presentations and ask questions.

LINK: > red “register/ watch event now” button

April 3rd Agenda: all times are Eastern standard

9:15 AM National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships NAPTP Executive Director Keynote
10:00 AM Tortoise Capital Advisors LLC
10:45 AM CVR Partners, LP NYSE: UAN
11:30 PM EV Energy Partners LP NASDAQ: EVEP
12:15 PM StoneMor Partners LP NYSE: STON
1:00 PM MainGate MLP Fund OTC: AMLPX, MLCPX (as of 3/31/14) and IMLPX
1:45 PM OCI Partners LP NYSE: OCIP

MLPs are favored by many retail investors because they offer the affordability and liquidity of corporate stocks and bonds combined with the advantages of investing in a partnership. MLPs generally pay investors regular cash distributions, and many offer growth potential as well. There are more than 90 MLPs on the market, with the majority in industries related to energy and natural resources.

The next event is May 1st, 2014 — time slots are filling quickly: It is recommended that public companies book their preferred time slot now. Click here to email John Viglotti at PR Newswire. IR firms and PR firms are invited to contact Viglotti.

Planning calendar available: To facilitate investor relations scheduling and budgeting, a full calendar of Retail Investor dates is available at



Since 2010,, created by BetterInvesting (NAIC)PR Newswire and MUNCmedia, has been the only monthly virtual investor conference series that provides an interactive forum for presenting companies to meet directly with retail investors using a graphically-enhanced online platform.

Designed to replicate the look and feel of location-based investor conferences, Retail Investor Conferences unites PR Newswire’s leading-edge online conferencing and investor communications capabilities with BetterInvesting’s extensive retail investor audience network.

Media Contacts:

Bradley H. Smith
Director of Marketing, IR and Compliance Services
PR Newswire

“This is the fifth virtual investor conference Deutsche Bank will host since its inaugural conference in September 2012.”

The title above is taken from Deutsche Bank’s recent press release.

And with that, congratulations (and thank you) to Deutsche Bank for the extra effort and dedication towards their DR clients’ goal of reaching “American” investors in a very direct manner: a virtual investor conference.

Smart stuff:

1.) Online presentations are investors’ favorite content. Read study here.

2.) No travel for ANYBODY. As you see below, tomorrow’s event touches several continents.


EDT Company Name Country Local Ticker ADR Ticker
9:00am Metro Pacific Investments Corporation Philippines MPI:PM OTC PINK: MPCIY
9:45am Credit Suisse Group AG Switzerland CSGN:VX NYSE: CS
10:30am Stora Enso Oyj Finland STERV:FH OTC QX: SEOAY
11:15am Technip S.A. France TEC:FP OTC QX: TKPPY
12:00pm Koninklijke Ahold N.V. Netherlands AH:NA OTC QX: AHONY
12:45pm Gameloft S.A. France GFT:FP OTC PINK: GLOFY
1:30pm EDP – Energias de Portugal Portugal EDP:PL OTC PINK: EDPFY
2:15pm Continental AG Germany CON:GR OTC PINK: CTTAY

3.) It’s very fair. Any investors – institutional or individual – can ask questions equally.

4.)  It’s very transparent. In addition to the formal Q&A, there is an informal “chat” in the presenting company’s virtual trade booth.

From DB:

Jose Sicilia, Global Head of Global Equity Services, at Deutsche Bank, said, “Deutsche Bank leverages the latest technology to offer a unique and convenient way for companies around the world to interact directly with US investors. Building on the success of our previous virtual conferences, we are continuing to help our clients to broaden their investor base by reaching investors outside of their home markets.”

5.) It’s easy for companies and attendees. The conference platform is bright and fast to work within. Check it out:

Break a leg to the presenting companies tomorrow!


(Oh, I have a 6th point: They modeled their now quarterly events after our evergreen series now in its fifth year insert obvious sales pitch here)


We’re inviting 850,000+ Advisors & Investors to hear your MLP story

PR Newswire, BetterInvesting and join to bring you this SPECIAL event targeted at MLP savvy advisors and investors.

CLICK HERE to download the brochure.

CLICK HERE to read a summary.


NYSE, OTC and Nasdaq Companies Webcast to Online Investors: December 5th at

CEOs to take questions in real-time during formal roadshow presentations, meet and “chat” in virtual trade booths

New York, NY, December 2, 2013/PRNewswire/ — PR Newswire, BetterInvesting,  and MUNCmedia today announced the agenda of the upcoming, the monthly online investor conference series. Individual investors, institutional investors and analysts are invited.

Pre-registration is suggested to save time: There is no fee for anyone to log-in, attend the live presentations and ask questions.

LINK: > red “register/ watch event now” button

9:30 AM

SGOCO Group, Ltd.

Nasdaq: SGOC

10:15 AM

Aflac, Inc.


11:00 AM

SilverSun Technologies, Inc. 


11:45 AM

Finjan Holdings, Inc.


12:30 PM

Organovo Holdings, Inc.


1:15 PM

22nd Century Group, Inc.


2:00 PM

DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


2:45 PM

Prospect Capital Corporation


3:30 PM

Boston Therapeutics


Educational session:

4:15 PM “Most Outstanding Stock Market Picks for 2014″

all times Eastern standard

On-demand events include: 

Advanced Bifurcation Systems, Inc. Private
BioLight Israeli Life Science Investments Ltd TASE: BOLT
Bone Biologics Private
Comstock Mining Inc. NYSE: LODE
Goldcorp Inc. NYSE: GG  TSX: G
Kivalliq Energy Corporation TSXV: KIV

LINK: > red “register/ watch event now” button 


Media Contact: 

Bradley H. Smith
Director of Marketing, IR and Compliance Services
PR Newswire