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How Investors Consume Content Q#12: When researching NEW stock investment opportunities, do you read the Annual Reports of those companies?

The annual report is your yearly autobiography; don’t waste the visual story-telling it quite literally delivers.

Question #11 looked at your current investors’ appetite for this document. As you’ll read below, potential investors are very similar. What are you saying to this 60% besides just the previous year’s results? Are you setting the stage for “what’s next?” You’ve got their attention. 

How Investors Consume Content Q#12: When researching NEW stock investment opportunities, do you read the Annual Reports of those companies?

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ACTION ITEM 1: Each year we help issuers prepare for their next annual report budget by auditing their most current.  Simply upload your 2013 annual report PDF here.

ACTION ITEM 2: We print hundreds of annual reports. If you’d like to see samples of our print quality, please use this quick form.

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PRSA Webinar: The Content that Motivates Investors

The word “content” has become the driving force for corporate communications. But one group within the corporation has ALWAYS been 100% content driven – investor relations. But what exact content drives their audience’s personas… aka drives their investors? Join us to learn at this free, special webinar.

The Content that Motivates Investorsprsa

Examine how PR and IR can Leverage Investor Feedback to Deliver Purposeful Content 

November 19,  2014 ~ ~ 2:00 PM ET 

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Kent Wissinger, Chair, PRSA Financial Communications Section


Panelist Guests:

Jeffrey Goldberger, Managing Partner, KCSA

Alexander Laskin, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies,  Ouinnipiac University, Hamden, CT

Brian Rivel, President, Rivel Research Group



Bradley Smith, Director of Marketing, Investor Relations and Compliance Services, PR Newswire / Vintage




Using this (click here) investor research report as a guidepost, our panel of industry experts will discuss actionable content that can take your conversations with investors to the next level.

THERE IS NO FEE TO ATTEND THIS WEBINAR and it is sponsored by PRSA’s Financial Communications Section. It is hosted by PR Newswire, CNW and Vintage.




How Investors Consume Content Q#11: For the stocks that you CURRENTLY OWN, do you read their Annual Reports?

The annual report is a key publication, both as a historical document and as a “visual voice” for a company’s future. New research (below) shows that only 17% of your investors report they don’t read it.

With such a high percentage of people reading the annual report, a valuable discussion for companies to have is how to not waste the marketing opportunity the annual report – literally – delivers. In fact, our print processes improve each year to help issuers maintain the “glossy” part and not just wrap the financial SEC 10-K. Both parts tell a story.

One way to investigate your opportunity and budget (and creative design) is to audit your last year’s annual report. Simply upload your 2013 annual report PDF here.


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We print hundreds of annual reports. If you’d like to see samples, please contact us here.

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How Investors Consume Content Q#10: Do you use Twitter and/or StockTwits for research and investor news updates?

One of the topics featured on the all the agendas at last month’s corporate conferences was social media. Even though the event creators made time for the topic, the energy for the discussions within the rooms were lackluster – not negative, just blasé. There was a sense of leveling out on social media.

This seemed like an opportunity to review where investors are on the topic of social media, specially Twitter and StockTwits. Although the percentage of “yes” has dropped 4% since mid-2013, (assuming from Twitter fatigue) 13% is a meaningful audience.  Not to be ignored.


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Is there an easy way to reach the 13%? Yes.  Download this whitepaper for a practical plan.


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How Investors Consume Content Q#9: Do you use an iPad or similar mobile smart device for your stock research?

Initiating an “IR Mobile Strategy” sounds really really really complicated. It once was…but it is not anymore.

You just need to assure your IR website is what is called “responsive.” Responsive simply means the IR website recognizes if the viewer is looking at the site on a desktop / laptop or on a smart device – and then adjusts the view for optimal display in real-time. Furthermore, responsive design will recognize the size of an individual smart device’s screen a la’ phone (tiny) or tablet (not as tiny) and re-adjust accordingly.  A native (free-standing) app is also a sound strategy as many investors are very fond of the speed of apps.

Is mobile important? Yes, as over half of investors report they are mobile with their equity research.


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If you would like a deeper dive into mobile strategy, take a glance at this blog post.

Lastly, and coincidentally… our IR Room MST clients enjoy both responsive design AND a native app. Request info here.


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How Investors Consume Content Q#8: Have you ever bought an IPO stock on its first day trading in the market?

Without question, “IPO” has been the capital markets buzz word for investors throughout 2014 —with 70 pricings each in Q1 and Q2. What’s also notable is that the JOBS Act “confidential IPO” process for Emerging Growth Companies (EGC) may be creating a stronger, more stabilized environment.

From Morrison Foerster:

… almost 60% priced within or above the stated price range—this is fairly consistent with the experience of the last several quarters. Perhaps it is too early to assess, but some have speculated that test-the-waters meetings for EGC [confidential] IPOs are providing useful information regarding pricing and that is contributing to more deals pricing within the filing range compared to pre-JOBS Act periods.

So that begged the question – are investors taking advantage of this trend? Yes, up five percent since we asked this question in late summer 2013.


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What’s our role in this upbeat story? Delivering intelligent value – right from the initial S-1 drafting session to getting the financial brand crisp online.


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How Investors Consume Content Q#7: When do you listen to a company’s quarterly earnings call?

We’ve already learned about the importance of quarterly calls for current shareholders and prospective investors. This question, although based on the quarterly earnings call, is actually at the heart of online content –  investor relations or otherwise. Content lives beyond “that moment.” For earnings call webcasts, your investor audience is “hearing” your content POST EVENT 2.5X more than live.

The view for IR is to think about all your custom content (custom being defined as non-data fed) and specifically think about your investor conference presentations. This is the most unique content you have.

The exact action item: when presenting at an investor conference are you webcasting your presentation outside of the physical room? Most investor conferences have light live attendance within a particular presentation room. Spend the incremental extra dollars for the webcast. You’re “generating the content” anyway – let it spread beyond the room. Small and micro-cap companies in particular need to do this: odds are your company financials are not strong (yet) thus you are deemed a story stock. Content tells your story.


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One other point buried in the verbatim comments: post your earning call transcripts. Investors often comment on that.

Need to generate content for investors (tell your story)? Please click here to learn about our virtual investor conference series.


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