Infographic & question #31: What is your preference for printed Annual Reports?

The SEC’s 2009 Notice & Access for Delivering Shareholder Meeting Materials regulation (and the eProxy process) dramatically lowered proxy voting participation.

It also altered how corporations produce their annual report. Many companies took the regulation as an opportunity to not only reduce the quantity of print (…which is a $mart idea) but also reduce the “marketing element” of the annual report: just-the-facts-ma’am 10-K wraps became the norm for many issuers, regardless of market-cap.

Do investors miss the corporate color (pun intended) that the high gloss, brochure-like annual reports delivered? Marketing-wise, it is a perfect targeted tool to tell the intangible success stories of the previous year. 


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4 responses to “Infographic & question #31: What is your preference for printed Annual Reports?

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