Snapshots from USA IR Awards 2012

A very fine affair on Thursday night. Below are a few images – I captioned as many as I could and will fill in the names as I uncover them.

ALSO! If you are in a photo and want a high-rez version, please email me at I have a bunch more – including embarrassing ones.

Click on an image to enlarge it.


Beautifully decorated

Full house!

Ready to serve

Jeff Morgan, CEO National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI)

Team from Robert Webster – they ( as did many people ) thought I was the night’s official photographer and asked me to take their team photo :)

Dennie Kimbrough, IRO – Microsoft & John Viglotti, VP – PR Newswire

The Winners Table! Jillian Psenicka – PR Newswire, Brian Geffer – Allergan, Alain Laurtent – PR Newswire, John Viglotti – PR Newswire, Judy Forest – PR Newswire, Natasha Rodriguez – PR Newswire

Liam Power, SVP – PR Newswire, Sara Altschul, General Council – PR Newswire

Evening host, Neil Stewart, Editor at Large – IR Magazine

Greg Jawski, Emanate PR (right), enjoys some PR Newswire hospitality with Andrew Meranus, SVP & Sara Altschul General Council – PR Newswire

Natasha Rodriguez & Jillian Psenicka – PR Newswire

Scott Mozarsky, CCO – PR Newswire & Marc Edwards – PR Newswire, hosted executive Aaron Palash from Joele Frank

Rebecca Updegraph – Open Exchange, Lee Marshall – Geico / Dairy Queen ;)

Team Q4 from Canada – Catherine Crofton, Darrell Heaps, Sheryl Joyce, Karen Adams ( they are very close )

Partner Amber Seidel, VP – Ipreo

Alain & Scott

Judy, Alain & Amy Ellis-Simon, Managing Director – Bank of America Merrill Lynch. They held a great seminar earlier in the day.

Amy Solomon – BNY Mellon

B-B-B-Bunny and the Jets

VIVPs Andrew & John

Winning + champagne = this photo!

I think that’s Peter Lawford on the left

Jason Fooks & Narissa Khan from iStar Financial enjoy a bit o’ the blarney with Liam

Scottmo doing the Tebow. The crowd went crazy!

Must be a virus – like Bieber Fever

Have a great day.

4 responses to “Snapshots from USA IR Awards 2012

  1. Hi Bradley! You have another career I see! Great pictures. My work email is Would love to see some others pictures.

    Great to see you as always.


  2. fantastic shots Bradley…looks like a good time was had by all.

  3. The secret is put the handsome people in front of the lens. The ugly one BEHIND the lens.

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